HIS 115 Appendix D Two Party Politics

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HIS 115 Appendix D Two-Party Politics

Two-Party Politics

Part 1: Matrix

Complete the matrix by describing the beliefs and ideals of each of the parties.

Generate a list of at least 10 of President Jefferson's decisions and actions. Decide which party's ideals are most aligned with the decision or action and provide an explanation of why the decision or action aligns with that party.

Points Earned

5/5=100% A

Overall Comments:

You did a wonderful job outlining the beliefs and ideals of the Federalists and the Democratic-Republican parties. Your essay was a well written analysis of the two parties. No major spelling or grammar errors were noticed.

HIS 115

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HIS 115 Appendix D Two Party Politics

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Excerpt from file: AppendixD HIS/115Version3 AssociateLevelMaterial AppendixD TwoPartyPolitics Part1:Matrix Completethematrixbydescribingthebeliefsandidealsofeachoftheparties. Generatealistofatleast10ofPresidentJeffersonsdecisionsandactions.Decidewhichpartysidealsaremostalignedwiththedecisionor

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