PSY 230 Week 6 Checkpoint Motivation Theories

PSY 230 Week 6 Checkpoint Motivation Theories

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The motivation theory that I agree with the most is the humanistic view. I believe human beings are motivated to distinguish themselves from others. I believe people push themselves to excel and become all that they can be. But I also believe while pushing themselves, they can push to hard and fail. I believe with this motivational theory people do want to make themselves different and possibly more successful then others. People do have the drive for maximum potential in life. People do try not to fail regardless of the obstacles in life. But, some people can not get around the obstacles. My daughter had a motivational view in life. She tried so hard to be the best she could be. It drove her to use drugs to help her perform the best in life she could and eventually destroyed her.


PSY 230

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PSY 230 Week 6 Checkpoint Motivation Theories

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Excerpt from file: ThemotivationtheorythatIagreewiththemostisthehumanisticview.I believehumanbeingsaremotivatedtodistinguishthemselvesfromothers.I believepeoplepushthemselvestoexcelandbecomeallthattheycanbe.But Ialsobelievewhilepushingthemselves,theycanpushtohardandfail.I

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