MKT 421 week 2 Team Assignment Marketing Plan Phase 1

MKT 421 week 2 Team Assignment Marketing Plan Phase 1

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Marketing Plan Phase 1

MkT/ 421

Allstate Insurance Company is considering offering customers the ability to submit claims information online that will automatically generate claims estimates. Marketing is important to Allstate because it will allow the company to conduct research that will produce data useful for management in determining whether this is a profitable expansion of service that will deliver additional customer satisfaction and ensure customer loyalty. In developing the marketing plan Allstate has performed a SWOTT analysis on it ability to provide customer generated claims estimates online.

An overview of the existing organization

Allstate insurance is one of the largest providers of homeowner's insurance (Suite 101,2009). Being such a large provider...

MKT 421

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MKT 421 week 2 Team Assignment Marketing Plan Phase 1

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Excerpt from file: 1 Marketing Plan Phase 1 MarketingPlanPhase1 MkT/421 AllstateInsuranceCompanyisconsideringofferingcustomerstheabilitytosubmit claimsinformationonlinethatwillautomaticallygenerateclaimsestimates.Marketingis 2 Marketing Plan Phase 1

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