MKT 421 week 1 Individual Assignment Defining Marketing

MKT 421 week 1 Individual Assignment Defining Marketing

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                                                             Defining Marketing


 Marketing is utilized to convey customer's interest in services and products needed. Within this process of and organization, this works towards development. There are many strategy's used to outline certain aspects. Customers in general are the essential reason to marketing. This also relates to possible partners. Building strong customer relations creates value that focuses on the whole mission. Marketing has a connection with sales that can help to reach the goals of an organization. Personally, marketing has a significant impact in understanding ways to influence the customer.  Concentration on how...
MKT 421

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MKT 421 week 1 Individual Assignment Defining Marketing

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Excerpt from file: DEFININGMARKETING DefiningMarketing MKT/421WEEK1(950WORDS) 1 DEFININGMARKETING 2 DefiningMarketing Marketingplaysahugepartintheconsumerseverydaylifeandencourageseconomic growthanddevelopmentforall.Onekeyreasonisthatmarketingencouragesresearchand

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