LAW 531 Week 4 Individual Assignment Contract Creation

LAW 531 Week 4 Individual Assignment Contract Creation

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Contract Creation and Management Assignment


"Clarity of purpose is the hallmark of all contracts" (University Material, 2012), especially because contracts are not free from interpretation. The Contract Creation Management Simulation places the Project Manager of Span Systems, the world's leading banking software to address contractual concerns with their largest client, Citizen Schwarz AG, a German bank. These issues are leading to a potential dissolution of partnerships and strategic alliances. The Chief Executive Officer of Span does not wish to lose its biggest client to their competition and in turn advices to settle the dispute amicably. The purpose of this essay is to highlight the issues both parties face, identify the contract formation flaws, the strategy, and...

LAW 531

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LAW 531 Week 4 Individual Assignment Contract Creation

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Excerpt from file: ContractCreationandManagementAssignment ContractCreationandManagementAssignment ContractCreationandManagementAssignment 2 Introduction Clarityofpurposeisthehallmarkofallcontracts(UniversityMaterial,2012),especially

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