HSM 210 week 8 Assignment Characteristics and Skills

HSM 210 week 8 Assignment Characteristics and Skills

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25739 Grafton Street

Esparto, California 95627

Helen Waukazoo

Chief Executive Officer

Friendship House Association of American Indians

56 Julian Avenue

San Francisco, California 94103-3547

Dear Ms. Waukazoo:

I was referred to you by Gary Middlerider, my brother, who was actively involved in your organization. When I saw the posting on your website for an entry-level Drug Counseling Intern, I was very excited. I had toured your treatment location last year and have spoken to many people who have not only succeeded in your program, but also those who have worked for you.

I have been the owner and operator of my own business for many years, but my desire to help the Native American people has driven me to change focus. Our people need to help each other to break addiction and abuse...

HSM 210

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HSM 210 week 8 Assignment Characteristics and Skills

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Excerpt from file: 25739GraftonStreet Esparto,California95627 HelenWaukazoo ChiefExecutiveOfficer FriendshipHouseAssociationofAmericanIndians 56JulianAvenue SanFrancisco,California941033547 DearMs.Waukazoo: IwasreferredtoyoubyGaryMiddlerider,mybrother,whowasactivelyinvolvedin

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