HRM 546 Week 2 Assignment Scenario One Cost Club

HRM 546 Week 2 Assignment Scenario One Cost Club

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Cost Club Human Resources Concerns

Cost Club is administratively organized into regions, and each region develops their own operational policies as long as the low cost bottom line and reasonable customer service is maintained (University of Phoenix,2012). There are several routine human resources issues that need to be addressed in the workplace. The first issue involves potential wrongful discharges at the Anderson Cost Club store. The second issue is assisting the regional CEO in reducing employee costs; addressing the use of independent contractors and temporary employees. The third issue involves determining if Cost Club is legally responsible in three separate situations because of employee or vendor error. The fourth issue is addressing alternatives to settle disputes between...

HRM 546

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HRM 546  Week 2  Assignment Scenario One Cost Club

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Excerpt from file: CostClubHumanResourcesConcerns CostClubisadministrativelyorganizedintoregions,andeachregiondevelopstheirown operationalpoliciesaslongasthelowcostbottomlineandreasonablecustomerserviceis maintained(UniversityofPhoenix,2012).Thereareseveralroutinehumanresourcesissuesthat

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