PROJ 592 Week 6 Quiz Set 2 (Essay Type)

PROJ 592 Week 6 Quiz Set 2 (Essay Type)

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PROJ 592 Project Cost and Schedule Control

Week 6 Quiz Set 2 (Essay Type)

(Devry Uni. Course Guide)


  1. Question : (TCO B) Crashing Problem Using the network below and the additional information provided, find: (a) The crash cost per day per activity. (b) Which activities should be crashed to meet a project deadline of 12 days at minimum cost? (c) What is the extra cost to crash the project?

  2. Question : (TCO F) We have discussed at length the Earned Value Management process. I am sure all of you have used the traditional process of assessing projects where we compare actual dollars spent to the amount we had planned to spend. This was quick and easy, but it has its shortcomings, and the Earned Value Management process is said to be better....

PROJ 592

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PROJ 592 Week 6 Quiz Set 2 (Essay Type)

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Excerpt from file: PROJ592ProjectCostandScheduleControl Week6QuizSet2(EssayType) (DevryUni.CourseGuide) CORRECTANSWERSFORALLTHEQUESTIONSBELOW 1.Question:(TCOB)CrashingProblemUsingthenetworkbelowandtheadditionalinformation provided,find:(a)Thecrashcostperdayperactivity.(b)Whichactivitiesshouldbecrashedtomeet...

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