PROJ 592 Week 3 Quiz Set 1 (Essay Type)

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PROJ 592 Week 3 Quiz - Version 1

(PROJ 592 Project Cost and Schedule Control - DeVry)


  1. Question : (TCO B) Three-point estimate: The SuperFlyer Corporation is developing a revolutionary flying disc. The new toy can fly straight over a great distance, which is exciting by itself. However, this disc will also return to the owner in response to their voice! Because this is an advance over anything that this company has done before, estimating the amount and cost of the hi-tech materials are difficult. The project manager recommends using a range estimating process to develop an estimate???.??

  2. Question : (TCO A) Your manager has asked you as a project manager, "How does the Bottom-Up budgeting process work? I hear the terms bottom up and top...

PROJ 592

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PROJ 592 Week 3 Quiz Set 1 (Essay Type)

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Excerpt from file: PROJ592Week3QuizVersion1 (PROJ592ProjectCostandScheduleControlDeVry) CORRECTANSWERSFORALLTHEQUESTIONSBELOW 1. Question : (TCO B) Threepoint estimate: The SuperFlyer Corporation is developing a revolutionaryflyingdisc.Thenewtoycanflystraightoveragreatdistance,whichisexcitingby...

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