CRJ 303 NEW Entire Course

CRJ 303 NEW Entire Course

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Juvenile Corrections

CRJ 303


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Like adults there are occasions where a juvenile must be punished for their actions. However there are different rules and regulations that apply to juveniles versus adults. Instead of just punishing the minor the state and government prefer to focus on the development of the juvenile to ensure that the minor continues with the same path they are lead to. With a little bit of deterrence and bit of punishment, possibilities are endless.

Typically a juvenile does not spend any time in a prison or jail in which adult prisoners are present. Because Congress feels that juveniles should not be treated entirely like adults the rules for punishing a juvenile is different. Instead of a juvenile being sentenced like an adult, they...

CRJ 303

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CRJ 303 NEW Entire Course

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Excerpt from file: CRJ 303 Week 5 Discussion Question 2: Some experts argue that people have been punished as an attempt to change conduct and deter crimes for thousands of years, with very little success; crime still continues to be prevalent in modern societies. Do you agree that we need a new paradigm for


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