CJA 304 week 3 DQ 2

CJA 304 week 3 DQ 2

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Due Day 5 (Saturday): Submit a response to Discussion Question #2 in the Main forum and begin commenting on each other's responses. Please post your response in the DQ threads. Your response to the question should be 200 to 300 words.

Please post your response to the following Discussion Question #2:

Explain the rationale behind the Miranda decision. Do you think the Miranda warning is still a valid concept? Explain your response.

The Miranda decision requires police officers to counsel defendants of their constitutional rights prior or during arrest. In addition, police officers are to communicate certain constitutional laws protecting the defendant prior to arrest, interrogation, or interviewing. The Miranda decision protects the defendant against self-incrimination and advises his...

CJA 304

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CJA 304 week 3 DQ 2

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Excerpt from file: DueDay5(Saturday):SubmitaresponsetoDiscussionQuestion#2intheMainforumand begincommentingoneachothersresponses.PleasepostyourresponseintheDQthreads. Yourresponsetothequestionshouldbe200to300words. PleasepostyourresponsetothefollowingDiscussionQuestion#2:

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