BUS 620 Industry Forecasting

BUS 620 Industry Forecasting

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Industry Forecasting


Hybrid cars have long been proclaimed the car of the future. The predictions for the success of the hybrid car have changed since the car's conception. This paper will look at the changes and the trends anticipated for the future.

Industry Forecasting

For many years consumers have been hearing about hybrid cars. When the hybrid car concept was first introduced, many thought that the hybrid would quickly overtake the market. That has not happened yet, but the buzz surrounding the hybrid car is still strong. Most people do not truly understand the differences or even how they work. There are four basic types of clean-energy cars: Battery electrics, plug-in hybrids, hybrids, and hydrogen fuel-cell cars. "Until recently,...

BUS 620

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BUS 620 Industry Forecasting

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Excerpt from file: RUNNINGHEAD: THEEXCHANGERELATIONSHIP 1 IndustryForecasting Abstract THEEXCHANGERELATIONSHIP Hybridcarshavelongbeenproclaimedthecarofthefuture.Thepredictionsforthesuccessof thehybridcarhavechangedsincethecarsconception.Thispaperwilllookatthechangesand thetrendsanticipatedforthefuture. 2

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