ASHFORD BUS 698 Week 6 DQ 2 Leading Edge Supply Strategy

ASHFORD BUS 698 Week 6 DQ 2 Leading Edge Supply Strategy

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Leading Edge Supply Strategy

What does "leading edge" logistics mean in terms of supply chain strategy in the future? Explain in detail in no less than 200 words. Document your sources. Respond to at least two of your fellow classmates' postings.

Implementing "leading edge" logistics means start working towards the supply chains operational benefits in meeting end-customer needs and stop treating supply chain management like a concept or philosophy. The first step in the logistics conversion process is for company's to align their internal team before reaching out to potential external partners. Harrison & van Hoek (2011) stated "supporting the concept of internal logistics and supply chain management is the fundamental belief that when functions, regions, and companies are...


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ASHFORD  BUS 698 Week 6 DQ 2 Leading Edge Supply Strategy

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Excerpt from file: LeadingEdgeSupplyStrategy Whatdoesleadingedgelogisticsmeanintermsofsupplychainstrategyinthefuture?Explainindetailinnoless than200words.Documentyoursources.Respondtoatleasttwoofyourfellowclassmatespostings. Implementingleadingedgelogisticsmeansstartworkingtowardsthesupplychainsoperationalbenefits...

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