Law 531 Enterprise Risk Management

Law 531 Enterprise Risk Management

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Law 531 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) provides a framework of planning, organizing and controlling activities that made by organizations in order to manage and minimize the effects or risk on the organization's capital and earnings.

ERM is also associated with accidental losses, which include financial, strategic, operational, and other risks. Every organization must follow all the local, state, and federal laws they must also comply with Environmental Procreation Agency (EPA).

Alumina Incorporation is an international organization that operates in more than eight countries, which operates out of the United States. In the years Alumina Inc. has maintained a good environmental regulation with only one violation in recorded five years ago.


Law 531

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Law 531 Enterprise Risk Management

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Excerpt from file: Law531EnterpriseRiskManagement(ERM) EnterpriseRiskManagement(ERM)providesaframeworkofplanning, organizingandcontrollingactivitiesthatmadebyorganizationsinorder tomanageandminimizetheeffectsorriskontheorganizationscapital andearnings. ERMisalsoassociatedwithaccidentallosses,whichincludefinancial,

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