CJA 394 Week 1 Value of Criminal Justice System

CJA 394 Week 1 Value of Criminal Justice System

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What is the value of a criminal justice system? How does a changing society change the effectiveness of criminal justice efforts (positive/negative)? Is there a better solution to the effectiveness, community involvement, and way the current criminal justice system(s) operate?

The value of the criminal justice system is to is very important in a society because it sets boundaries for the society. Without the criminal justice society would go to pots. People need some type of rulesto followto keep ciaos down. With all of society changing the criminal justice systemsneeds to change with that once were good for on society may not be good for a changing society. Everyday criminals get smarter and the justice system needs to change in order to keep up with them. For instance...

CJA 394

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CJA 394 Week 1 Value of Criminal Justice System

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Excerpt from file: Whatisthevalueofacriminaljusticesystem?Howdoesachangingsocietychangethe effectivenessofcriminaljusticeefforts(positive/negative)?Isthereabettersolutiontothe effectiveness,communityinvolvement,andwaythecurrentcriminaljusticesystem(s) operate?

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