Of Mice and Men Book Report

Of Mice and Men Book Report

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Of Mice and Men Book Report

"Of Mice and Men" was written by John Steinbeck and is a

fictional book. "Of Mice and Men" is a book, set on the Californian

Grain Farms in the 1930's, about two life long friends named George

and Lennie. The book generally is about all of the migrant workers, all

with their own dreams. The main characters George and Lennie go

from farm to farm, trying to work up a stake and save enough to buy

their own farm one day. On their latest job they go to work on a farm

after having to run away from their old town Weed. In their new farm,

they meet many people including Curley, a little boxer guy who hates

big guys like Lennie, and Curley's wife, who messes everything up in

the end. Lennie and George have many grand adventures on the farm,

but one day while...

Of Mice

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Of Mice and Men Book Report

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Excerpt from file: OfMiceandMenBookReport "OfMiceandMen"waswrittenbyJohnSteinbeckandis a fictionalbook."OfMiceandMen"isabook,setonthe Californian GrainFarmsinthe1930's,abouttwolifelongfriends namedGeorge andLennie.Thebookgenerallyisaboutallofthe migrantworkers,all withtheirowndreams.ThemaincharactersGeorgeand

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