ACC 380 Week 5 11 8 Final Project

ACC 380 Week 5 11 8 Final Project

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ACC 380 Week 5 11-8 Final Project

Final Project

The purpose of the Final Project is for you to demonstrate understanding of the reading as well as culminate the learning achieved in the course by describing your understanding and application of knowledge.

Focus of the Final Project

Review the financial information pertaining to Lee College in problem 11-8 on pages 357 and 358 of your text. Prepare the following:

  1. A Statement of Activities using the format presented in Illustration 10-1.

  2. A Statement of Unrestricted Revenues, Expenses, and Other Changes in Unrestricted Net Assets.

  3. A Statement of Changes in Net Assets.

Your paper must:

  1. Include both the completed financial statements and detailed analysis of the data provided.

  2. Explain the process by which you completed the final statements and include any applicable supporting information computations and explanations.

  3. Offer an in-depth analysis of the financial health of Lee College.

ACC 380

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ACC 380 Week 5 11 8 Final Project

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Excerpt from file: Explaintheprocessbywhichyoucompletedthefinalstatements. LeeCollegeisaPrivatenotforprofitcollege.TheymustoperateunderFASB 116andFASB117whenitcomestotheclassificationofassets.Therefore,theirassets needtobeclassifiedasUnrestricted,TemporarilyRestricted,andPermanently Restricted.

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