10 PSY460 Week five Implications for the Future Paper A tutorial

10 PSY460 Week five Implications for the Future Paper A tutorial

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Implications for the Future - Water pollution

PSY 460

The future of the humanity is greatly affected by environmental problems which the next generation has to encounter. The human deeds, knowingly or unknowingly, have damaged the environment to such an extent that the environment started affecting humanity. Many researches and studies have established that the environment is deteriorating fast which has negative impact on the humanity; therefore, it is required by the humanity to think before any action which affects the environment. There are many environmental concerns but the most important environmental concern is the water pollution. Water pollution affects the humanity in many ways as life of people depends of water and it is closely related to the human psychology and the...

10 PSY460

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10 PSY460 Week five Implications for the Future Paper A tutorial

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Excerpt from file: 1 ImplicationsfortheFutureWaterpollution PSY460 2 Thefutureofthehumanityisgreatlyaffectedbyenvironmentalproblemswhich thenextgenerationhastoencounter.Thehumandeeds,knowinglyorunknowingly,have damagedtheenvironmenttosuchanextentthattheenvironmentstartedaffecting

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