10 Devry PSYC110 Psychology week 2 quiz (A) 100%

10 Devry PSYC110 Psychology week 2 quiz (A) 100%

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Devry PSYC-110 Psychology week 2 quiz


(TCO 6) Which of the following situations is the BEST example of eustress?

Student Answer: Akiko is struggling to complete the last mile of her first triathlon.

Mose is performing his standard, moderate workout at the gym.

Alban just sprained his ankle playing a grueling tennis match.

Both Akiko and Mose best exemplify eustress.

Instructor Explanation: See Chapter 3, p. 64

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Question 2. Question :

(TCO 6) Which of the following persons is MOST likely to experience chronic stress?

Student Answer: Zachary's father died of a heart attack three weeks ago.

INCORRECT Junko has been in labor for 10 hours so far. (TCO )

Wen-Ho is stuck on a Los Angeles freeway at rush hour.

Paulette is shy and attending a new high...

10 Devry

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10 Devry PSYC110 Psychology week 2 quiz (A) 100%

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Excerpt from file: DevryPSYC110Psychologyweek2quiz Question (TCO6)WhichofthefollowingsituationsistheBESTexampleofeustress? StudentAnswer:Akikoisstrugglingtocompletethelastmileofherfirsttriathlon. Moseisperforminghisstandard,moderateworkoutatthegym. Albanjustsprainedhisankleplayingagruelingtennismatch.

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