Week 4 Assignment 3.1 Persuasive Message

Week 4 Assignment 3.1 Persuasive Message

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Week 4 Assignment 3.1 Submission

Persuasive Message

Strayer University: Asynchronous

English 315: Professional Communications

April 30, 2013

April 30, 2013

East Community School

458 East Southern Road

Dallas, Texas 75214

In today economy, companies and individuals are seeking ways to lower expenses and still receive high quality customer service. Organizations want to increase revenue and gain market exposure. Felicia's Graphic Designs is able to develop effective marketing tools, increase company awareness, and provide training and development workshops to increase employee and client satisfaction. This is a great way to re-establish your organization vision and appearance.

Felicia's Graphic Designs would like to offer...

Week 4

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Week 4 Assignment 3.1   Persuasive Message

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Excerpt from file: 1 Runninghead:PERSUASIVEMESSAGE Week4Assignment3.1Submission PersuasiveMessage StrayerUniversity:Asynchronous English315:ProfessionalCommunications April30,2013 2 April30,2013 EastCommunitySchool 458EastSouthernRoad Dallas,Texas75214

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