BME354 Spring 2014 Exam 1

BME354 Spring 2014 Exam 1

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BME354 Spring 2014 Exam 1 NAME________________________________________

1) 11. Which of the following is the best method to update an indicator on the front panel?

2) a. Use a Value property node

3) b. Wire directly to the indicator terminal

4) c. Use a local variable

5) d. Use a functional global variable


3pts right answer, otherwise 0 pts



8) What is the value in Shift Register Answer after the following code has executed?


10) a. 16

11) b. 24

12) c. 32

13) d. 10


3pts right answer, otherwise 0 pts


15) Which of the following illustrates an advantage of a global variable over a local variable?

16) a. A global variable can pass data between two independent VIs running simultaneously

17) b. Only the global variable can...

BME354 Spring

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BME354 Spring 2014  Exam 1

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