Unit 3 BEMP Proposal

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Pet Pals: A Brand Extension of Pet360

Erika Davidson

Kaplan University


3.1 Mission

Pet Pals mission is to provide pet parents with the most personalized pet sitting and pet walking service available. We strive to provide a peace of mind for pet parents and a secure feeling when they leave their pets with us as well as provide pets with loving attention and care. Our services will exceed both pet parents and their pets' expectations.

3.2 Marketing Objectives

In years 1-3, Pet Pals will focus on spreading awareness and building a customer base nationwide through the use of existing Pet360 users.

Pet Pals aims to achieve steady positive growth each quarter of operation.

A major promotional campaign will be launched through Pet360 and its affiliates in...

Unit 3

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Unit 3 BEMP Proposal

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Excerpt from file: Brand Extension Marketing Plan 1 PetPals:ABrandExtensionofPet360 ErikaDavidson KaplanUniversity Brand Extension Marketing Plan 2 3.0MARKETINGSTRATEGY 3.1Mission PetPalsmissionistoprovidepetparentswiththemostpersonalizedpetsittingandpetwalking

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