Psychology PSY105 flash

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Psychology PSY105

Chapter 1 Flashcards

  1. What early philosopher believed that the mind is a blank slate before environmental experiences write their story?

John Locke

  1. Dualism is the belief that:

The mind and body are two separate entities

  1. Which view of psychology emphasized the study of mental processes alone?


  1. Which philosopher most clearly rejected the idea that the mind is separable from the body?


  1. Professor Schroeder argues that children have an innate concept of justice that enables them to make distinctions between fair and unfair rules. This argument is most consistent with the views of:


  1. The early school of psychology that employed the method of introspection was known as:


  1. Compared with the structuralists,...
Psychology PSY105

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Psychology PSY105 flash

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Excerpt from file: PsychologyPSY105 Chapter1Flashcards 1. Whatearlyphilosopherbelievedthatthemindisablankslatebefore environmentalexperienceswritetheirstory? JohnLocke 2. Dualismisthebeliefthat: Themindandbodyaretwoseparateentities 3. Whichviewofpsychologyemphasizedthestudyofmentalprocesses alone? Structuralism 4.

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