ITM 501 Mod 3

ITM 501 Mod 3

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Trident University International

Bruce Herrington Jr.

ITM 501 Management Information System and Business Strategy

Module 1 Case Assignment

Dr. Caroline Howard


 The purpose of this paper is to discuss if the availability and use of social media on the Internet really provides businesses with new and different useful information.  If so, how?  If not, why not?  After my stance is made, I will present as much evidence as I can against my position.  Finally, my original stance will be reviewed and re-affirmed.  I will complete this assignment in a 5 to 7 page paper.


  Social media has really taken off over the last five years from You Tube My Space, Face book and Twitter.  People came have global reach in no time and get their message...
ITM 501

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ITM 501 Mod 3

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Excerpt from file: Trident University International BruceHerringtonJr. ITM 501 Management Information System and Business Strategy Module1CaseAssignment Dr.CarolineHoward INTRODUCTION ThepurposeofthispaperistodiscussiftheavailabilityanduseofsocialmediaontheInternetreally

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