Courtroom Participant Chart

Courtroom Participant Chart

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Courtroom Participant Chart

Pamela Myers, Michelle Castro, Geo Vonna Davis, Sherryl Wells

Team B


September 18, 2014

Pedro Cortes

University of Phoenix Material

Courtroom Participant Chart

Complete the following chart.

What are the individual's responsibilities in the courtroom process?

Why is it important for these responsibilities to be fulfilled adequately? (Consider the effect of overzealousness as compared with the effect of underperformance.)


A Prosecutor is an attorney who is the elected or appointed chief of a prosecution agency whose official duty is to conduct criminal proceedings on behalf of the people against persons accused of committing criminal offenses.

Since the Prosecutor makes the final decision as to whether a case is to be filed,...

Courtroom Participant

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Courtroom Participant Chart

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:COURTROOMPARTICIPANTCHARTCJA/224 1 CourtroomParticipantChart PamelaMyers,MichelleCastro,GeoVonnaDavis,SherrylWells TeamB CJA/224 September18,2014 PedroCortes COURTROOMPARTICIPANTCHARTCJA/224 UniversityofPhoenixMaterial CourtroomParticipantChart Completethefollowingchart.

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