BSHS 345 Week 5 Assignment Flexability Paper

BSHS 345 Week 5 Assignment Flexability Paper

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Stopping Invidious comparison

Invidious comparison is comparing oneself to others by race, sex, religion, class. Not only does it make others feel lesser of themselves it can also make you feel depressed and stressed. How can we put a stop to this? The first step is to understand and accept differences. No too people are alike and there will always be someone smarter, stronger, more attractive, thinner, wealthier or less capable, weaker, less attractive, heavier, and less wealthy. We must acknowledge our strengths and other strengths and stop dwelling on weaknesses. If you start to compare yourself to others stop yourself in your tracks. Count what you have and not what you don't have. Be ok with imperfection and work on goals to improve yourself.


BSHS 345

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BSHS 345 Week 5 Assignment Flexability Paper

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Excerpt from file: BSHS/345 StoppingInvidiouscomparison Invidiouscomparisoniscomparingoneselftoothersbyrace,sex,religion,class.Notonlydoes itmakeothersfeellesserofthemselvesitcanalsomakeyoufeeldepressedandstressed.How canweputastoptothis?Thefirststepistounderstandandacceptdifferences.Notoopeople...

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