PAD 510 Week 11 Discussion 1 & 2

PAD 510 Week 11 Discussion 1 & 2

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PAD 510

Week 11 Discussion 1

Course Wrap-up. Please respond to the following:

Share two new insights about policy making and the policy process you have discovered from this course.

While this class was interesting, I learned a lot of new things. I learned about the official actors, unofficial actors and interest groups. According to the book, interest groups are important to the policy process because the power of individuals is greatly magnified when they form groups (134). I never really paid attention that was the main factors in a policy. If it interests me I would listen to it. If it was someone that I did not care for I just tuned out.

Second made me realize what and who can influence a policy. Learning that the media plays a big part in the decision making of society when it...

PAD 510

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PAD 510 Week 11 Discussion 1 &  2

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Excerpt from file: PAD510 Week11Discussion1 CourseWrapup.Pleaserespondtothefollowing: Sharetwonewinsightsaboutpolicymakingandthepolicyprocessyouhave discoveredfromthiscourse. Whilethisclasswasinteresting,Ilearnedalotofnewthings.Ilearnedabouttheofficial

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