Backup of Week 2 Contracts

Backup of Week 2 Contracts

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Week 2 Contracts

Kenyetta Mcclelland

Instructor David MacKusick

Bus311: Business Law


 Validity of a contract must be According to (Rogers, 2012) clear manifested assent, made by a person to whom the offer was made, unequivocal, and clearly communicated to the offeror. Contracts whether oral or written seem simple but can become complex and voidable in certain circumstances when determining offers and acceptance. Contracts have different classifications and different rules for merchants and individuals under common law and the UCC. However, Rogers, 2012, states that when a promissory who is under absolute duty to perform fails to render promised performance there is a breach of the contract. When this occurs, there are a few remedies to resolve or discharge the...
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Backup of Week 2 Contracts

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Excerpt from file: Running head: WEEK 2 CONTRACTS 1 Week2Contracts KenyettaMcclelland InstructorDavidMacKusick Bus311:BusinessLaw 6/1/2014 CONTRACTS 2 ValidityofacontractmustbeAccordingto(Rogers,2012)clearmanifestedassent,madeby apersontowhomtheofferwasmade,unequivocal,andclearlycommunicatedtotheofferor.

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