ISSC363 Case Study Phase2

ISSC363 Case Study Phase2

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Case Study:

Phase II

Brian Page

American Military University


Managing security risks that are associated with business and personal growing reliance on information technology is a continuous process. Private organizations have struggled for years to find more efficient ways to manage risk and ensure that they understand the risks associated with using information technology and their reliance on it. Information Technology, indeed, has the fastest rate of development and application in businesses around the world. It requires constant monitoring and protection in order to provide the highest level of security.


The methodology that was chosen to use in the Risk Assessment for the Falcons Nest Bowling Center is the Qualitative Method while using...

ISSC363 Case

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ISSC363 Case Study Phase2

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Excerpt from file: PHASEII 1 CaseStudy: PhaseII BrianPage AmericanMilitaryUniversity PHASEII 2 Introduction Managingsecurityrisksthatareassociatedwithbusinessandpersonalgrowingreliance oninformationtechnologyisacontinuousprocess.Privateorganizationshavestruggledfor

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