ISSC363 Assignment 4

ISSC363 Assignment 4

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Penetration Testing

Brian Page

American Military University


Network Scanning is a crucial component of penetration testing that must be conducted in order for the penetration tester (PT) to determine the needs of the organization. Discovery of the devices that are on the network will allow the PT to see what devices are on the network and find out if there are any vulnerabilities in the software or hardware that can be exploited. For the purposes of this assignment, Kali or Backtrack Linux will be used as the penetration testing software, using nmap to discover devices and determine if they can be exploited.

Kali Linux: NMAP

The reasoning behind using nmap as the network scanner is it can also, in most cases determine what operating system the devices on...

ISSC363 Assignment

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ISSC363 Assignment 4

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Excerpt from file: PENTESTING 1 PenetrationTesting BrianPage AmericanMilitaryUniversity PENTESTING 2 Introduction NetworkScanningisacrucialcomponentofpenetrationtestingthatmustbeconducted inorderforthepenetrationtester(PT)todeterminetheneedsoftheorganization.Discoveryof

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