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ISSC363 Week7A Forum

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Cloud computing has become very popular amongst the professional, business and even personal situations in the industry. Accessing and sharing information among the cloud has become somewhat of a normal process in the Information Technology industry. Rightfully so, any new process or technology will have security concerns. Yes, it is more beneficial to access the information that people need from wherever they are, but, what drawbacks does storing information in the cloud bring? What security headaches are associated with cloud computing?

The networks that we all have been using in the information technology industry utilize firewalls, internet protocols, user training, and antivirus software to help mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. These methods are proven best practices and...

ISSC363 Week7A

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ISSC363 Week7A Forum

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Excerpt from file: Cloudcomputinghasbecomeverypopularamongsttheprofessional,businessandevenpersonal situationsintheindustry.Accessingandsharinginformationamongthecloudhasbecome somewhatofanormalprocessintheInformationTechnologyindustry.Rightfullyso,anynew

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