GMS 522 Final Exam Review

GMS 522 Final Exam Review

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GMS 522 Final Exam Review

Final is cumulative and consists of 120 mc questions in 2 hours

Weighted more towards the second half of the course

Number of questions related to the international trade theories

  • vernons international product life cycle

  • Grey trade/parallel distribution; conditions under which it develops, f the price difference is smaller than the - cost of getting the product there- there's no grey trade

  • Transport pricing, the diagram used to illustrate the impact global taxes

  • Demand pricing: choosing a price that maximizes profits over revenue

  • Incoterms (more when youd use it)

  • Globalization - need to know how to measure globalization

  • Difference between globalization of production over globalization of markets

  • Culture - hofstede , consumer...

GMS 522

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GMS 522 Final Exam Review

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