htt210 Appendix B

htt210 Appendix B

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Associate Level Material

Appendix B

Business and Life Cycles

The following are graphical representations of business and life cycles in relation to the travel and tourism industry. Study Ch. 2 of your text and the following graphics. In 200 to 300 words, summarize these cycles in relation to travel and tourism. Describe two differences between them, and provide one example of each in the current tourism industry.

htt210 Appendix

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htt210 Appendix B

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Excerpt from file: AssociateLevelMaterial AppendixB BusinessandLifeCycles Thefollowingaregraphicalrepresentationsofbusinessandlifecyclesinrelationtothetraveland tourismindustry.StudyCh.2ofyourtextandthefollowinggraphics.In200to300words,

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