EDU371 week5.2

EDU371 week5.2

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Week 5 DISC 2 - Independent Reading

When used within a balanced literacy approach, independent reading promotes fluency. Do a google search on independent reading. You might want to use the following search phrases: Independent Reading, Silent Sustained Reading, Scaffolded Silent Sustained Reading, Drop Everything and Read, or Voluntary Reading.

In your discussion posting, you will cite at least two articles. (These articles do not need to be peer-reviewed or scholarly.) Address the following questions in your posting:

  • What are at least two benefits of independent reading practices?

  • What are at least two challenges of independent reading practices?

  • What is your own philosophy about providing students independent reading time in schools?

  • How would you organize your class...

EDU371 week5

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EDU371 week5.2

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Excerpt from file: Week5DISC2IndependentReading Whenusedwithinabalancedliteracyapproach,independentreadingpromotesfluency.Doa googlesearchonindependentreading.Youmightwanttousethefollowingsearchphrases: IndependentReading,SilentSustainedReading,ScaffoldedSilentSustainedReading,Drop

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