BHS 499 SLP 5

BHS 499 SLP 5

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BHS499 - Senior Capstone Project

Module 5 - SLP

Obstacles and Pitfalls to Success

For the last component of the project please prepare a PowerPoint presentation describing the healthcare management problem you worked on in this capstone course.


The slides of the presentation must specifically contain the following:

1. Title

2. Introduction: (background and context of the problem)

3. Importance/relevance and extent of the problem

4. Causes

5. Stakeholder issues

6. Legal, ethical, financial implications.

7. Possible solutionsand current attempts

8. Specific plan and its likelihood of success

9. Conclusions

10. References

Length:  This assignment should be at least 10 slides in length.

References: At least 15 references should be included from academic sources (e.g. peer-reviewed journal articles).

BHS 499

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 BHS 499 SLP 5

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Excerpt from file: Improving Healthcare Organizations through Leadership Training Introduction Individuals in Hospital Management or Leadership Positions often Lack Leadership Experience because it is a nonpriority in the healthcare industry. Relevance of the Problem Lower-level staff members are treated badly

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