cja334 wk2Summary

cja334 wk2Summary

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Week 2 Summary:



This week, the course focuses on research design and the data collection process. Research design and methodology are the backbone of any project as the outline of how and what will be done in the process. To achieve that goal, students must accomplish the following objectives:

Differentiate between types and functions of research designs

Describe the various classical experimental research designs.

Explore internal and external variable-related validity factors.

Identify the major types of unobtrusive methods.

Distinguish between probability and nonprobability sampling plans.

Examine the use of questionnaires and their strengths and weaknesses.

This Week in Relation to the Course

Research design, as stated by...

cja334 wk2Summary

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cja334 wk2Summary

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Excerpt from file: ReadMeFirst CJA/334Version3 Week2Summary: RESEARCHDESIGNSANDDATACOLLECTION Introduction Thisweek,thecoursefocusesonresearchdesignandthedatacollectionprocess.Research designandmethodologyarethebackboneofanyprojectastheoutlineofhowandwhatwillbe

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