Bus 370 wk 3 dis 2

Bus 370 wk 3 dis 2

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Bus 370 wk 3 dis 2

Change Assessment [CLO: 2]

Referencing this week's lecture, assess the changes you have made in your personal or professional life and evaluate how well you maintained the change. Do you agree with the argument that change is easier to make than maintain? Why or Why not? Respond to two classmates' posts.

I have made changes in both personal and professional arenas and will probably continue to do so until I can't make any more changes in my life. There are changes that we often make which, may be wrapped around a New Year's resolution however, being committed to those resolutions and or changes, in my opinion, should always be to better oneself and not to make changes in reverse and do not necessarily have to be at New Year's. As we live and learn, making changes is...

Bus 370

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Bus 370 wk 3 dis 2

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Excerpt from file: Bus 370 wk 3 dis 2 ChangeAssessment[CLO:2] Referencingthisweekslecture,assessthechangesyouhavemadeinyourpersonalor professionallifeandevaluatehowwellyoumaintainedthechange.Doyouagreewiththe argumentthatchangeiseasiertomakethanmaintain?WhyorWhynot?Respondtotwo classmatesposts.

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