week 3 Learning Team Schedule for Week 5 Presentation Copy

week 3 Learning Team Schedule for Week 5 Presentation Copy

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Review the Types of Teams section in Ch. 10 of Organizational Behavior.

Prepare a presentation of the four types of teams, outlining the benefits and drawbacks of their use in the particular criminal justice setting assigned by your instructor.

Summarize how different functional groups benefit or might benefit from adopting one or more of the team types. The presentation should be approximately 20 minutes in length and should utilize appropriate visual aids. All team members must participate in the presentation.


This project needs to be 20 minutes long, so if we each do six slides at 30 seconds each slide, it should come out to about a 20 minute presentation.

Professor will assign us a criminal justice setting as the basis of our paper


week 3

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week 3 Learning Team  Schedule for Week 5 Presentation   Copy

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:ORGANIZATIONALPERFORMANCEMANAGEMENT OrganizationalPerformanceManagement Name Institution HCS/451 Date 1 ORGANIZATIONALPERFORMANCEMANAGEMENT 2 OrganizationalPerformanceManagement Healthcarefacilities,whetherlargeorsmallin,shareinthevisionofprovidingquality

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