ACC 557 Week 8 DQ1

ACC 557 Week 8 DQ1

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ACC 557 Week 8 DQ1

"Venture Capital" Please respond to the following:

Based on your research conducted in the e-Activity, evaluate the business decision to use a venture capitalist to raise funds, indicating whether or not you believe the company will benefit from this decision in the long run. Provide support for your position.

Assess the challenges for businesses using the resources of a venture capitalist, given that significant returns on the investment are likely to be impacted by the firm. Indicate how a business can manage these expectations. Provide support for your rationale.

A venture capitalist is a person who invests in a business venture; providing a capital for start-up or expansion (Ward 2012). Joshua Kushner is a 27 year old venture capitalist (such a young business man),...

ACC 557

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ACC 557 Week 8 DQ1

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Excerpt from file: ACC557Week8DQ1 "VentureCapital"Pleaserespondtothefollowing: BasedonyourresearchconductedintheeActivity,evaluatethebusinessdecisiontousea venturecapitalisttoraisefunds,indicatingwhetherornotyoubelievethecompanywillbenefit fromthisdecisioninthelongrun.Providesupportforyourposition.

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