Hist 102 Forum 2 AMU/APUS

Hist 102 Forum 2 AMU/APUS

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  1. Why can we say that technological innovation was just as significant in building American cities as it was in driving American industrialization?

  2. Why was the American city not capable of doing a better job of protecting the environment and providing adequate housing for the poor?

    1. What was Jim Crow? Would the answer to the previous question serve also to explain the establishment of Jim Crow in the South?

    2. How do you account for the revival of the womans suffrage movement during the Progressive era?

Hist 102

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Hist 102 Forum 2  AMU/APUS

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Excerpt from file: WhatwasJimCrow?Wouldtheanswertothepreviousquestionservealsotoexplainthe establishmentofJimCrowintheSouth? TheJimCrowlawswereracialsegregationlawsenactedbetween1876and1965intheUnited Statesatthestateandlocallevel.TheymandatedsegregationinallpublicfacilitiesinSouthern

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