Engl 102 Quiz 2 The Toulmin Proposal AMU/APUS

Engl 102 Quiz 2 The Toulmin Proposal AMU/APUS

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Question 1:

Please state your proposed topic for the Toulmin essay and briefly explain what the issue is with the topic. Please also state your stance on this issue.

Question 2:

Please post your proposed thesis statement for this topic. Remember, your thesis statement is a complete sentence.

Question 3:

List a peer-reviewed source that you plan to use in this essay. You must show both an in-text and a works cited citation for this source. *Note: To receive credit for this question, the source must be peer-reviewed and correctly cited (a hanging indent is not required to receive credit).

Question 4:

Give a tentative outline for your essay. Remember, your essay must have the following components: introduction, background, support for your claim, opposing views, rebuttals, and a conclusion. Clarify these components in your outline. Your outline may be a topic or sentence outline.

Question 5:

Explain why you chose this topic. Is this an issue that affects you somehow? Is this an area of interest for you in your studies? To receive credit for your response, you must use complete sentences.

Engl 102

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Engl 102 Quiz 2 The Toulmin Proposal AMU/APUS

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Excerpt from file: Question1: PleasestateyourproposedtopicfortheToulminessayandbrieflyexplainwhattheissueiswith thetopic.Pleasealsostateyourstanceonthisissue. Myproposedtopicis"Thebenefitsofimplementingschooluniforms".Severalpeoplehas debatedwhyandwhynotschooluniformsshouldbeimplemented,buttheirareactuallymore...

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