Engl 102 Forum 2 AMU/APUS

Engl 102 Forum 2 AMU/APUS

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With this forum, you are to discuss one (1) of the Historical American Works or one (1) of the Historic Global Works listed in the Supplemental Readings section of the course lessons. This discussion will help you prepare for your essay on one of these arguments due during the next section of this course (week three).

In your discussion, state the purpose of the reading and cite the thesis statement (if applicable). If there is no explicit thesis, state the readings claim. Then, lay out the structure of the reading to the class, and let the class know if this structure is organized and logical (you may claim that it is not organized its up to you). Let the reader know how this method of organization helps or does not help the authors purpose. Then, discuss the style of writing does the style help the author prove his/her point? Finally, study the introduction and conclusion of your chosen reading. Explain how the author hooks the reader in, or, conversely, if the introduction is not strong, explain why. Discuss the conclusion of the essay as well, and point out its strengths and weaknesses. Please answer these questions fully in your response (use thoughtful sentences).

Be careful with your essay choice. Most likely, you will want to use this work for your essay due next week. In addition, remember that the more effort you put into your discussion, the more prepared you will be to write your Critical Evaluation essay.

Engl 102

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Engl 102 Forum 2 AMU/APUS

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Excerpt from file: ForweektwosforumpostIchoseTheUnanimousDeclarationoftheThirteenUnitedStatesof AmericabyThomasJefferson.Thepurposeofthearticlewastodeclaretheindependenceof thethirteencoloniesfromEngland.WithfeelingsofsubjugationbyEngland,whoenforced

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