MKT 421solution (5)

MKT 421solution (5)

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1) According to the text, marketing means:

A. Selling.

B. Much more than selling and advertising.

C. Producing and selling.

D. Advertising.

2) Predicting what types of bicycles different customers will want and deciding which of these customers the business will try to satisfy are activities a firm should do as part of

A. A command economy.

B. Production.

C. Marketing.

D. Making goods or performing services.

3) Which of the following statements best describes the modern view of marketing?

A. Marketing should take over production, accounting, and financial services within a firm.

B. The job of marketing is to get rid of whatever the company is producing.

C. Marketing is concerned with generating a single exchange between a firm and a customer.

D. Marketing begins with...

MKT 421solution

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MKT 421solution (5)

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Excerpt from file: 1)Accordingtothetext,marketingmeans: A.Selling. B.Muchmorethansellingandadvertising. C.Producingandselling. D.Advertising. 2)Predictingwhattypesofbicyclesdifferentcustomerswillwantanddeciding whichofthesecustomersthebusinesswilltrytosatisfyareactivitiesafirm shoulddoaspartof A.Acommandeconomy.

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