BIS219 Final Exams set 4

BIS219 Final Exams set 4

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Chapter 1: The Modern Organization in the Global, Web-Based Environment

  1. Which of the following is not a fact about IT careers?

A. The four-fastest growing U.S. jobs that require college degrees from 2002 through 2012 are IT-related.

B. Highly-skilled IT jobs will typically not be offshored.

C. There are no computing jobs.

D. MIS majors usually receive high starting salaries.

  1. Amazon's _____ service combines processing power with networks of people who are paid to do the kind of work that machines cannot do well.

A. Simple storage service

B. The mechanical turk

C. Elastic compute cloud

D. Personalized marketing

  1. Amazon is using its IT infrastructure to deliver a variety of services for all of the following reasons except:

A. because the company only uses 10 percent of its...

BIS219 Final

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BIS219 Final Exams set 4

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