Training Needs Analysis Coca Cola Company

Training Needs Analysis Coca Cola Company

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Training Needs Analysis

Coca Cola Company

Analyze the effectiveness of your organization’s training and development process. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:

Explain the training needs analysis approach that your organization uses to define training needs.

Describe the process for capturing needs for individuals, groups, and the wider skills for the organization.

Evaluate the effectiveness of at least 3 courses in this curriculum. For each course, address the following:

Are adult learning theories evident in the course design?

Does the course have clear and measurable training objectives and learning outcomes?

Is there alignment of the course objectives with organizational strategic goals and objectives?

Describe the training delivery methods. Are they varied and appropriate to the course topics?

Does the course incorporate varied learning styles in the design?

What level of evaluation is used to measure the effectiveness of the training?

Update at least 1 of the training courses, applying course theories

6–8 slides with speaker notes of 200–250 words per slide (excluding title and reference slides)

Training Needs

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Training Needs Analysis   Coca Cola Company

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Excerpt from file: TrainingNeedsAnalysis Organization CocaColaCompany CocaColasStrategicGoalsand Objectives CocaColasstrategicgoalsaretogain marketleadership. Objectivesaretoincreasesalesvolumeup tothebestutmostlevels. Trainingneedsanalysisapproachused byCocaColatodefinetrainingneeds ProactiveTrainingNeedsApproach

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