MGT 437 Week 5 Project Implementation

MGT 437 Week 5 Project Implementation

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MGT 437 Week 5 Project Implementation

Learning Team Assignment: Project Implementation, Control, and Termination Paper and Presentation

Resource: Week One Project.

Use the same project selected in Week One and any information previously gathered. Prepare a 5,250- to 7,000-word cumulative paper in which you update each component of your previous papers include the following:

Project Proposal Paper

Project Planning Technical Paper

Project Planning Human Capital Paper

Compile your paper and address the following additional components:

Overall evaluation of the project: In particular, how did you do against the triple constraints?



Project Specifications

Steps taken to return the human resources to the organization: For projects that had people assigned full time, what are their new full time assignments?

Input for future projects:

What went right with the project that must be repeated with the next project?

What went wrong that must be corrected with the next project? ** **

Format your paper according to APA standards

MGT 437

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 MGT 437 Week 5 Project Implementation

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