MGT 437 Week 3 Project Planning Technical Paper

MGT 437 Week 3 Project Planning Technical Paper

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MGT 437 Week 3 Project Planning Technical Paper

Learning Team Assignment: Project Planning Technical Paper

Prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that adds to the project begun last week. Check to ensure the projects triple constrains are still valid. Address the following items in your paper:

Phase I Update SOW

Using the SOW from last week, review and update it based on course material acquired during the last week. Include in the update the SMART requirements for the project.

Identify the specific tasks required to complete each item listed on the SOW. Identify the resources required to accomplish each task.

Phase II Project Schedule and Budget Update

Arrange the tasks into a schedule that takes into consideration the required dependencies between tasks. Computerized project management software is required.

Present the schedule in either PERT or Gantt chart format. Identify the critical path through the network.

Review the network results and compare to the projects triple constraint. Specifically compare the following:



Project specifications (scope and SMART)

MGT 437

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 MGT 437 Week 3 Project Planning Technical Paper

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:PROJECTMANAGEMENTORGANIZATIONALSTRUCTURES ProjectManagementOrganizationalStructures MGT/437 Date Name 1 ProjectManagementOrganizationalStructures 2 ProjectManagementOrganizationalStructures Thewayinwhichprojectgroupsofanorganizationareconstructedisknownasthe

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