CJS 240 W3 DQ 2

CJS 240 W3 DQ 2

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DQ 2

During the 1960's those social structure theories were new in the area of juvenile delinquency and there was a lot of trial and programs also failed due to lack of funding, abuse of funds, lack of cooperation from social services, law-enforcement and other agencies.

Today people have learned that no single approach can reduce crime family, friends, teachers, co-workers,government agencies, state agencies, local government,social services, law-enforcement, community policing, prevention and treatment neighborhood restoration must all cooperate to be affective inreducing juvenile is also the element of neighborhoodrestoration which is most closely attachedto the social structure theory because it is designed to revitalize distressed neighborhoods...

CJS 240

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CJS 240 W3 DQ 2

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Excerpt from file: DQ2 Duringthe1960'sthosesocialstructuretheorieswerenewintheareaof juveniledelinquencyandtherewasalotoftrialanderror.Thoseprograms alsofailedduetolackoffunding,abuseoffunds,lackofcooperationfrom socialservices,lawenforcementandotheragencies.

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