CJS 240 W1 Appendix B Statistics

CJS 240 W1 Appendix B Statistics

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Axia College Material

Appendix B


UCR and Self-Report Data

Complete the matrix below. To complete this matrix, list two pros and two cons of Uniform Crime Report (UCR) data and two pros and two cons of self-report data.

Statistical Information



Official Information: Uniform Crime Report (UCR)

The great part about UCR is that we are able to determine crime rates based on population and the crimes that were committed.

Data significantly under-represents the actual number of criminal events in the United States each year.

Unofficial Information: Self-Report Data

Researchers can correlate a variety of characteristics of respondents with their admitted offenses that go beyond the demographics of age, race, and gender.

Self-report studies typically...

CJS 240

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CJS 240 W1 Appendix B   Statistics

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Excerpt from file: AxiaCollegeMaterial AppendixB Statistics UCRandSelfReportData Completethematrixbelow.Tocompletethismatrix,listtwoprosandtwoconsofUniformCrime Report(UCR)dataandtwoprosandtwoconsofselfreportdata. Statistical Information Official Information: UniformCrime Report(UCR) Unofficial Information:

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