BUS 698 ASHFORD Complete course grade 100% .

BUS 698 ASHFORD Complete course grade 100% .

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Bus698 week 3 assignment


Supply chain strategic management

Bus 698

Bus698 week 3 assignment

When I hear "fast food" I think of mcdonalds. This is probably because mcdonald's was the first fast food restaurant that I ever visited. The first time I walked into a mcdonalds, the hamburgers were 16 each. The franchise was just starting to spread across the united states and the variety of their products was very small. Mcdonald's is now an extremely large international company with many complex supply chains severing numerous ethnic groups and cultures around the world. This paper shall discuss mcdonald's growth from a small midwestern company to an international giant by developing and managing its supply chains and how lean thinking helped reduce waste in the...

BUS 698

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BUS 698 ASHFORD Complete course grade 100% .

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Excerpt from file: NETWORK DESIGN 2 1 NTC362NetworkdesignPlanRiordanManufacturing Writea3to5pagepaperthatincludesthefollowingbasedonyourchosenVirtualOrganization:RIORDAN MANUFACTURING Explaintheimportanceofcommunicationprotocols.Identifytheprotocolsinyourdesignandproviderationale foryourtheoverallnetworkarchitecture.

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